Padma Kuppa


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I am so honored to be representing the people of Clawson and Troy, and grateful for the trust you have placed in me.  I am working to ensure that our policies and our budget reflect our priorities: investing in our children's education and our infrastructure, protecting our environment and all we hold dear.  We need to create good paying jobs, make sure we have access to affordable, high quality healthcare, protect our environment, and provide a bright future for our kids. I love our district and work hard to help it thrive - whether I’m at home or up in Lansing!

I look forward to seeing you at office hours and events in the District, and sharing with you my efforts on the Energy Committee and the Local Government & Municipal Finance Committee. My experience on Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Commission, as a Certified Citizen Planner, my professional background as an engineer, and my analytical and problem-solving skills, should serve me well on both these committees!  As an assistant Democratic whip and co-chair of the Asian and Pacific American Caucus, I will have an opportunity to engage my colleagues, and make friends in my caucus, across the aisle and in the Senate.  

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