I grew up in America. My family moved to India (where I was born) in the early 80s. As a teenager who very much identified as an American, it wasn’t the easiest move. But it made me appreciate what we have here even more. I returned to the States as soon as I could, showing up to grad school with two suitcases, $250 and the belief that nothing was going to stop me, especially prevailing attitudes that engineering was only for men. After starting a family, I moved to Michigan. The economic opportunity and supportive family resources here were perfect for a young couple with a toddler and a new baby! I was blessed to be able to stay home for a few years and raise our children. During that time, I came to appreciate how kind and caring people here are. I realized that building a tight-knit community like ours happens from the ground up, so I began looking for ways to get involved. And that’s when my love for the area started turning into action.


I’ve taken many opportunities to contribute to the community, including serving on the Boards of the Troy Historic Society and Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion, volunteering with The Troy Community Coalition and PTAs from K-12, and more. I was a founding member of the Troy-area Interfaith Group, helped organize the National Day of Prayer Celebration and that’s just the start.

I’ve had several rewarding experiences with city government. I was appointed to the Troy Planning Commission. I Introduced a Tree Protection Ordinance that was eventually approved by Troy City Council. Recently, I organized across the political spectrum for the “No” Vote on the Extreme Charter Amendment.

I’m very proud of my ability to work in diverse business settings.  I’ve been everything from a Systems Manager at a university-based non-profit to a Project Manager with Chrysler. My latest position: a Business Analyst in auto finance. I’ve also had the opportunity to contribute to MetroParent magazine and work for a locally-owned business based right here in Troy.