State Rep Candidate Calls for Truth and Transparency in Government

State Rep Candidate Calls for Truth and Transparency in Government

“Sunshine Week and All Year Long, Together We Will Keep Government Strong,” Says Padma Kuppa of Troy

March 11, 2018 marked the start of Sunshine Week, and also the date on which the city manager of Troy was fired, two days after being charged with domestic violence. In 2016, an internal city investigation revealed Kischnick’s misconduct and he was subjected to disciplinary action. Yet the majority of the Council members at the time voted not to release the findings and details surrounding this. In early 2017, a Troy resident and attorney filed an FOIA suit against the city of Troy, seeking the release of information about the City Manager.

If all of the City Council had voted to be transparent in 2016, we would not be on the precipice of a protracted legal fight. We still need to understand what our city manager did and why access to documents was refused.  We must be in a position to defend the city’s interest: an informed electorate can make better decisions. David Hamilton, Troy’s newest council member, seeks to do just that at the upcoming City Council meeting.  Government should be as transparent as possible to keep voters and residents informed about our public officials and how they make decisions.

Sunshine Week, an initiative of the American Society of News Editors and Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, is an annual nationwide celebration and reminds us of the need for transparency and access to the truth.

“As an appointed official,” Kuppa said “I would be honored to be a representative for the community and have always conducted myself according to the rules and regulations that I expect from anyone in our government - staff, appointees, and volunteers. Integrity and transparency are key elements for ensuring that our democracy - and our government - work.  As an elected official, I will continue to adhere to these same principles.”

Padma Kuppa