Statement from state house candidate Padma Kuppa on former Troy city manager bribery charge

TROY -- On Friday, former Troy city manager Brian Kischnick was charged with bribery in federal court. Kischnick, who was fired from his job earlier in the year, was accused of pocketing over $20,000 from a contractor seeking favors. This follows months of misconduct by Kischnick and inaction by members of the Troy City Council. In 2016, an
internal city investigation had revealed misconduct including misuse of taxpayer dollars, by Kischnick, but the majority of the Council members at the time voted not to release the findings and details surrounding this.

In response to this latest charge, Padma Kuppa, candidate for state representative in Michigan’s 41st House District, which includes the City of Troy, issued the following statement: “The people of Troy deserve a city and state government that are transparent and judicious with the use of their taxpayer dollars,” said Kuppa. “If all of City Council had voted to be honest with their constituents in 2016, our city would not be under the scrutiny of a federal investigation. As an appointed member of the Troy Planning Commission, I have made it a point to be open and accountable so that residents of our city can be active members of our democracy and understand how government is working for us. As state representative for Troy and Clawson, I will continue to conduct myself with integrity and transparency while I ensure that taxpayer dollars go toward services and infrastructure for the taxpayers.”

Padma Kuppa